Geeks Meets Web3

Learn About Blue Oceans – Ecommerce Coming to the Blockchain

Join us in an interactive session where Mike Michelini, CEO and Co-Founder of Hamza and Loadpipe will share the new blue ocean that is developing – ecommerce on-chain. 

About Mike Michelini

An ecommerce seller since 2004, Mike has done cross border trade over 20 years between USA and China. Taking his “web2” ecommerce and cross border trade experience, he has formed a new blockchain to bring ecommerce into web3. He is the CEO of Hamza marketplace, the first decentralized marketplace on this new blockchain – Loadpipe protocol. He is also an established Amazon FBA seller with multiple brands and businesses and a community called Global From Asia. He also is a pivotal part of Handshake, a decentralized domain blockchain. With all of this web2 and web3 experience it will come together to form the future of ecommerce – on the blockchain. 

Event Details:

Date: 6/1
Time: 2:00 to 6:00 p.m.
Title: OffChain Shenzhen, Geeks Meets Web3
Host: 706Shenzhen
Sponsor: Loadpipe
Location: 深圳市南山区月亮湾山庄A13 (我们的客厅5.0)

Co-Organized By:

2pm to 6pm

深圳市南山区月亮湾山庄A13 (我们的客厅5.0)

Post Event Summary:

Learn About Blue Oceans – Ecommerce Coming to the Blockchain

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